Butoh Dance Theatre Performance

Ten Worlds

TEN WORLDS by Helen Smith and The Space Between Performance Collective

The second major performance piece by The Space Between Performance Collective is TEN WORLDS , a devised work directed by Helen Smith which premiered in  Melbourne at Dancehouse in April 2013.

Ten Worlds is an intense and daring journey delving deep into the shadows and the thick mesh of life. It is confronting and violent, yet exquisite and sublime: a meditation on existence itself and what it means to be a part of this world – a world in which we are all connected.

Ten Worlds is a Buddhist concept that describes how our experience of life at any point in time is woven together in a rich tapestry that allows us to change from moment to moment. Through the genre of Butoh, a highly physical and transforming style of dance theatre, we explore different aspects of human nature to examine the question, what kind of world are we creating for ourselves here on earth?

Footage from Ten Worlds .

Footage from ROCK- development performance for Ten Worlds